My hobby projects

I make things when I get bored or when I see a need for something, and think it might be useful to others. They’re quite eclectic, blame hyperfixation :)

Any questions or recommendations, please reach out!

Design Resource

Device Frames

Whenever I go to present my concepts, I find that it’s super hard to find anything outside of Apple.

I started to collate or create frames of my own, find the Sketch file and exports on Github.

General Resource

Mac Apps

I use my Mac for literally everything, but I’ve got so used to using some things that I just can’t live without them any more.

Here’s a list that I’ve compiled of all the Mac Apps I use, found from Reddit, Snazzy Labs and random other places.

Life Resource

Apple Music Smart Playlists

I use Apple Music. I prefer it to Spotify — apart from the auto generated playlists. I therefore decided to create some Smart Playlists that kinda replicate them. I am still trying to work out whether things like tracking skips works across iOS/iPadOS.

I have tried to document how I make these, and have included the album covers I made on GitHub. Feel free to request some here too!